New York Times First Cannabis Ad Is Not What You Expect

Last week The New York Times made history when they published a groundbreaking six-part series calling for the end of federal cannabis prohibition.  Now in another historic move they have allowed a full-page cannabis advertisement to grace their pages.  The ad is not for a dispensary or weed brownies, it is actually quite a brilliant ‘P.S.A.’ from the team at Leafly.

The ad, which “has been in the works for over 18 months” features two cannabis patients, Ian and Molly.  Ian, according to the ad, chose an indica cannabis strain to relieve his MS symptoms. While fighting cancer, Molly preferred a sativa cannabis.  Diamond OG and Jean Guy were their strains of choice, respectively.

Here are a few things we LOVE about this ad:

1. Finally, an organization that uses the national stage to expose conditions in which cannabis can mitigate and even cure!

2. “While fighting cancer…” Does that mean that Molly beat cancer with cannabis?  Look at her… she is running, she is exercising… THAT is what a cancer survivor looks like.

3. The entire campaign is geared to educate patients about cannabis.  We even took a visit to the advertised which is a mini-site with volumes of educational tools for cannabis patients.

Leafly writer Rebecca Kelley says: “We want to help New York patients learn about cannabis and make responsible and informed consumer choices about the product best suited for their medical conditions. Patients need a reliable, mainstream information portal about cannabis that is free of classic stoner stereotypes, and we truly believe that Leafly is the resource for them.”

Kudos to you Leafly.  This is a beautiful ad that keeps the focus on the real reason we are all doing this… for the patients.  Oh, and we love the #JustSayKnow 

P.S. – Are Ian and Molly real patients? If so, what’s their story? If anyone from the #illegallyhealed community can investigate this please let us know what you find in the comments below…

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