Helpful Organizations

In our travels across the world we have encountered many great organizations. These are some of the organizations we found that go above and beyond for patients. FYI – none of the following organizations have paid or requested to be listed on this page.

Aunt Zelda’s

Visit Website Utilizing ancient extraction process improved with modern technology, Aunt Zelda’s offers organic medicines of precisely measured potency and purity. Aunt Zelda’s lab tested cannabis-infussed oils, extracts, and topical can be found in dispensaries throughout California.

Calla Spring Wellness

Visit Website For optimal results of cannabis therapy you should always consult with a physician. Calla Spring Wellness offers virtual consultations with physicians and experienced cannabis experts. This is responsible cannabis health care.

Phoenix Tears Foundation

Visit Website Phoenix Tears Foundation is a Colorado organization treating patients with cannabis extract medicine.

United Patients Group

Visit Website United Patients Group is an informational resource dedicated to helping people legally find and use cannabis medicine. They are known as the Virtual Hand of the medicinal cannabis industry, and have helped thousands of people through their resources and direct assistance.

Project CBD

Visit Website ProjectCBD is a nonprofit educational service that informs the public about the benefits of cannabidiol. The organization shares up-to-date resources and offers many services, including speaking at conferences and certifying CBD-rich products.

Patients Out of Time

Visit Website Patients Out of Time works to restore the legitimate use of cannabis in medicine. They organize CME-accredited conferences, provide information on their website, and consistently educate the public through media.

American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA)

Visit Website The Mission of the ACNA is to advance the understanding of the endocannabinoid system and the application of herbal cannabis through education, patient advocacy, research, collaboration, and social policy development.

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