Because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

The absurdity and inhumanity of cannabis prohibition have turned millions of people around the world into criminals for simply trying to save their own lives. Many patients cannot acquire safe, affordable cannabis, and even if they can, they often don’t know how to use it most effectively.

Humans die every single day as a direct result of cannabis prohibition. The entire cannabis plant must be globally legalized, with access and research allowed to flourish.

Illegally Healed – These are two words that just don’t belong together. You should not have to do something illegal in order to become healed. This hashtag was created as a way for advocates to reveal the truth about this life saving medicine, while reminding us all of the struggles patients are going through to receive it.

Our mission is to produce engaging content related to cannabis science, be a platform for patient testimonials, and medicinal cannabis news. This content helps educate the community about the full healing capabilities of cannabis, enables thoughtful discussion, and encourages powerful activism.

“We work directly with patients, doctors, and leaders in the cannabis field to increase education and reach lawmakers.” -Justin Kander, Editor-in-chief #illegallyhealed

Through these and other activities, #illegallyhealed ultimately hopes to accelerate medicinal cannabis legalization and utilization across the world. We know we cannot do this alone, and only by working together with the community at large will true change be realized.

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