Tips for Talking with Legislators About Medicinal Cannabis

Speaking with legislators about medicinal cannabis can be an intimidating experience, but luckily, it does not have to be.

First, it is critical to remember that legislators work for you, and are obligated to hear your opinions. That alone is enough to quell anxiety for many people.

To be most effective, having a thorough understanding of cannabis medicine and related issues is critical.

The Science

Scientific facts command the most respect in society. While anecdotal information is important, its true value is only apparent when paired with supportive clinical evidence.

One of the most popular and important medicinal cannabis topics is its use for treating epilepsy. Many children with conditions like Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome do not respond to traditional medications, and only cannabis extracts work to stop seizures. Studies with animals going back to the 1980s have shown cannabidiol stops multiple types of seizures. THC is also effective, which is why whole-plant cannabis laws are absolutely necessary.

Physician reports of the high-CBD pharmaceutical product Epidiolex prove cannabis can reduce seizures in humans. Double-blind, clinical trials have shown isolated cannabinoids or cannabis extracts benefit other diseases like schizophrenia, Crohn’s disease, cancer pain, and more. The cell, animal, and human evidence conclusively demonstrate cannabis extracts can treat certain conditions.

While you do not need to be an expert, it is helpful to read up on more studies about cannabis. and are excellent resources.

Human Evidence

In light of the immense scientific literature, anecdotal reports of cannabis extracts must be taken seriously. Many of the clinical trials mentioned above were spawned because of anecdotal evidence. Those trials ended up confirming the reports which inspired them, so it is highly likely that other trials will yield similar results.

If you or anyone you know has had a personal experience with medicinal cannabis, sharing that is powerful. You can also talk about stories you have read in the news. Searching Google News for the term “cannabis + *any disease*” is a good way to find recent stories. For example, searching “cannabis cancer” delivers news reports like this Yahoo article about a father treating his daughter with cannabis oil.

The #illegallyhealed patients success portal has stories from

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