Man Tells CBS St. Louis Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most devastating forms of cancer that can affect people. The prognosis for most types is very poor. For example, the 5-year survival rate for Stage IA non-small cell lung cancer is less than 50%, and this drops dramatically as the cancer progresses. At Stage IV, the rate is 1%. There is a desperate need for breakthrough treatments, and cannabis may be the answer.

A January 22, 2016 article from a CBS affiliate elaborated on the latest testimonial of cannabis playing a major role in overcoming a terminal form of lung cancer. 50-year-old Darren Miller was diagnosed with “incurable, inoperable” lung and pericardial heart sac cancer. With chemotherapy, he was told he would live about a year.

Indeed, even in terminal cases, chemotherapy offers the hope of extending life. But Darren wanted more – he did not want to just extend his life, he wanted to save it. So he looked for alternatives, and found evidence that cannabis oil may work for him.

PHOTO: (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Darren Miller looks over medical records showing he is cancer-free just months after being diagnosed with “incurable, inoperable” cancer. Miller claims the use of cannabis oil completely wiped out the cancer in his system. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

With the support of his wife, Darren moved to California and began using cannabis oil, eventually even learning how to make it himself. He continued with chemotherapy as well. The combination achieved exactly what Darren was hoping for.

“And then today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission. I’ve cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both,” said Darren. He backed up his claims with medical records.

Not The First or The Last Case…

Multiple lung cancer patients from around the world report success with cannabis.

Darren is not the only one to beat lung cancer with cannabis oil. Michelle Aldrich, a longtime cannabis activist who was integral to passing the medical cannabis laws in California, was diagnosed with Stage IIIA non-small cell lung cancer in early 2012. The five-year survival rate for that cancer is only 14%. She also combined cannabis oil with chemotherapy, and achieved full remission remarkably fast. Her surgeon, Dr. Peter Anastassiou, stated that he had “never seen lung cancer totally eradicated by chemo, much less in four months.”

Another patient we have previously reported on, Sharon Kelly, used cannabis oil and chemotherapy to eliminate her terminal Stage IV lung cancer. Her chemo pill, Tarceva, was expected to extend her life by 6 to 9 months. Combined with the cannabis oil, she completely eliminated the cancer in about seven months.

According to other reports, cannabis may even be effective against one of the deadliest forms of lung cancer – mesothelioma. Caused by exposure to asbestos, 60% of patients diagnosed with the disease die within one year.

A story on reported on Andy Ashcraft. After an experimental chemotherapeutic drug stopped working, doctors suggested Andy enter palliative care. His wife Ruth refused to accept this, and acquired cannabis oil through California’s medical program. After beginning a regimen, Andy began to recover quickly.

“The man is healthy today, and there is no other explanation for that. Beyond a shadow of doubt, this cannabis oil has worked wonders for him. I’d recommend it for anyone with cancer. I’m not saying it will work every time on everyone, but it’s working for us,” Ruth told

Andy Ashcraft with Ruth

Andy Ashcraft with Ruth

Andy was eventually able to stop chemotherapy along with his cholesterol, diabetes, and blood-pressure medicines. His last scan in October 2014 showed no tumor growth, and he had another scan scheduled for December. While no further information seems to be available on his case, stopping the growth of mesothelioma at that point was quite a feat in itself. Most importantly, Andy’s quality of life dramatically improved.

“I feel great right now. I don’t know why, or exactly how, this [cannabis oil] works. My wife knows the details, but I’m healthy, moving and grooving again, living my life,” Andy said.

Of course, there is indeed scientific evidence showing how the cannabis oil works. Especially when studies have shown that both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) induce programmed cell death in lung cancer cells. Both studies also showed the cannabinoids significantly reduced tumor growth.

Interestingly, both THC and CBD have been shown to help the immune system kill lung cancer cells. A 2014 study showed the cannabinoids increased a molecule on lung cancer cells that helps immune cells digest and destroy them.

It is quite apparent that cannabinoids are having a direct anticancer effect in lung cancer patients. It is imperative that patients have access to this medicine and that more research is conducted into how cannabinoids can fight lung cancer.

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