Nine-Year Old Becomes Unlikely Advocate for Medical Cannabis (Podcast)

Epilepsy affects children in all 50 states, even in places where medicinal cannabis is not legal. High-CBD cannabis oil has been proven to benefit children suffering from a variety of refractory epileptic conditions that do not respond to conventional drugs. Unfortunately, legal barriers prevent children in many states from accessing the only medicine that may work for them. Alexis Bortell is one of these children.

A Texas native, Alexis has an epileptic condition that causes about two seizures a week. Doctors in Colorado have already approved her need for cannabis oil, but Alexis has not been able to take any cannabis oil yet because of Child Protective Services issues. As long as she remains in Texas, a positive drug test could lead to her being taken by the state. For the near future, Alexis and her family are doing what they can to change their home state’s laws.

Medical cannabis will help me. It’s illegal in Texas, and we’re trying to change that.

Alexis Bortell

Legislation has been introduced by State Senator Kevin Eltife and State Representative Stephanie Klick to legalize high-CBD cannabis oil. However, the bill is far from perfect, with stringent requirements and an operational delay until 2018. If the bill is not improved by May, the Bortell family will move to Colorado to get the medicine they need.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Dean Bortell says,

The fact that a number (zip code) determines whether or not my daughter can ride a bike, Whether or not my daughter can go to a friend’s sleepover, whether or not my daughter could possibly live or die, is unfathomable to me. It calls everything into question.

What do you think about medical cannabis for children? Do you think Texas will pass a law soon that will allow Alexis to receive the treatment recommended by multiple physicians? Let us know in the comments below…

Update: Alexis recently spoke to a group of patients in her home State of Texas. Her speech alone should be enough to change hearts and minds about this safe and effective treatment! But, we’ll let you decide…

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