BREAKING: Green Flower Launches New Cannabis Learning Video Platform for Free

Cannabis education will never be the same.

Green Flower 2.0 is officially live, which means you now have instant access to 100s of free videos with the top cannabis experts from the around the globe.

You can join now for free by clicking this link.

The world’s best cannabis scientists, researchers, physicians, authors, nurses, and practitioners are there – all answering your most important questions about this amazing plant.

The real question is this:

Are you ready to check out the largest, most comprehensive collection of quality cannabis videos on the internet with reliable information you can count on – all available for free with instant access?

After just a few sessions on Green Flower, it’s clear that their new, free video platform can:

  • Support policymakers in making informed decisions about cannabis laws and regulations
  • Assist medical professionals who want to learn more about cannabis but don’t have much time
  • Help people get up to speed on how cannabis works in the body and for specific conditions
  • Guide newcomers in getting started with cannabis
  • Enable people to make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis products
  • Warn people about what to avoid when using cannabis
  • Answer your biggest questions about cannabis and/or the industry surrounding it
  • Allow you to share and spread quality cannabis information to friends, family, followers, and government leaders

That last point is crucial.

I see so many people in my life who could benefit from cannabis, and Green Flower makes it super easy to share real, actionable advice from real scientists and physicians.

I shared the PTSD video with my dad, and I shared the chronic pain video with my grandma – and the videos really opened up their curiosity about how cannabis can help them.

I’m definitely going to be sharing more of these videos with the people in my life because health is #1, and I love helping people.

Improving Quality of Life with Green Flower

One of the tricky things about cannabis is that there is so much misinformation out there. For the first time ever, millions of people are now gaining legal access to cannabis, BUT they don’t know a whole lot about it.

I asked Green Flower Max Simon founder and CEO for a comment about this, and I agree with his point:

“Most people know very little about cannabis. Even experienced consumers are going off some very common misconceptions,” Max Simon said. “The challenge is that people don’t know where to turn for credible guidance or which products they can trust. They don’t know how to get started with cannabis.”

Even most physicians, health practitioners, and policymakers have no idea how this plant works and how to get the most benefits, Simon added.

Addressing this universal challenge around cannabis learning is crucial if we want to see real progress in our lives and as a society.

And so I applaud Green Flower for their move here in making all these videos free and easy to access. It’s our ultimate connection to the cannabis universe.

Using Green Flower is easier than ever:

  1. Head over to the new Green Flower site.
  2. Create a free account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Select the cannabis topics that interest you most.
  4. Watch, comment, and share!
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