Cannabis Oil For Dog Bites? Robin Says YES!

From Robin Swan: 

I had just got out of hot tub and walked into the house. Two pit bulls I had been watching for a friend got into an argument over who was going to get petted by my daughter. They quickly amphed the energy (as pits will do) and were locking jaws.

Knowing nothing about dogs (only cats) I didn’t know what to do so, I decided to go WWF and choke out one of the dogs while pushing the other away with my foot. As I went under the neck my hand caught the tooth and it ripped my wrist open and almost took my pinky off.

17 stitches later and being told that i would have permanent radial nerve damage i went home without any drugs and decided to doctor myself. The day I removed the bandages (4 days after the accident) my friend who’s a surgeon freaked out and told me an infection was setting in on my pinky.

ENTER CANNABIS (see photo below):

I slathered my cuts in cannabis oil and manuka honey. By the next morning the infection was completely gone.

Now, 23 days out after rubbing cannabis concentrate on the nerve line and massaging it into the pinky, I have NO NERVE DAMAGE and I can use the flexion of my hand just fine. I have very little radial nerve blockage only localized on the suture area. I would say I am 75-80% repaired.

So, either I’m related to Wolverine (which I might be actually the way I behave) or cannabis oil is amazing!

What do you think of the healing properties of cannabis?  Tell us in the comments section below…

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