They Did It Again! Dirty Politics In DC Leaves Veterans Hanging

Veterans from across the country are demanding access to cannabis through the Veterans Health Administration as a recognized medical alternative to pharmaceutical narcotics without facing discrimination and punishment. It is time for our government to acknowledge what has already been proven through rigorous scientific research conducted as far back as the 1960’s and paid for by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Research credited for identifying many of cannabis’ medicinal properties which has subsequently led to multiple patents being filed in the U.S., specifically the patent held by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services listing cannabis as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant — US6630507 B1.

The Proof is Falling Into Formation

Testimonials of veterans who have benefited greatly from the use of cannabis are readily available in large and ever growing numbers. As federal patients veterans are being prescribed extremely addictive pharmaceutical narcotics linked to tens of thousands of deaths across the country every year, and rising.


Demonstrators march in Philadelphia calling for cannabis law reform. – 2015

It’s widely accepted that cannabis is a neuroprotectant, serves as a palliative treatment for those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, and has statistically lowered the overdose rates in states where it is legal.

We Do Have Allies

Congressman Earl Blumenaur (D-OR) and others have been fighting for years to pass a bill that would essentially crack Pandoras Box within the VA. Finally a bipartisan coalition of policy makers in DC believe it’s time for veterans to engage in open honest and free conversation about cannabis therapy with their VA Primary Care Providers.

These elected public servants even voted on it, and the measure passed with a great cheer from across the country as veterans who’ve been living in the shadows for far too long finally felt they could safely “come out” about their cannabis use.

The Democratically inclined among us might rightfully finish reading here and figure the system is finally starting to work the way our founding fathers intended. Nothing more to discuss. Way to do right by our veterans, now move on to the next issue. Right? Wrong.

When the legislation which has been so broadly supported came out of the final conference committee the language pertaining to cannabis and veterans access within the VA had been removed, naturally leaving each elected official who voted for the measure scratching their heads wondering what the hell happened. What’s more, shortly after the still to be identified committee released the “new” document, the Congress and Senate went home to celebrate our Nation’s Independence Day.

The Fight Continues

We refuse to allow our leadership to continue claiming ignorance as their defense in the face of such overwhelming scientific evidence disproving their increasingly impotent claims. Science should be dictating our policy and legislative action pertaining to cannabis. When the House and Senate return from their vacations, we will be there, waiting for answers. Demanding action, accountability, and assurances that this type of despicable behavior will no longer be tolerated.

So, on this Fourth of July while you’re waiting for the fireworks to start, firing up the grill, or heading out for a night on the town, remember your being distracted is what they’re counting on.

What do you think — should veterans be able to access cannabis through the VA? Let us know in the comments below…

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