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Many patients report that smoking or vaporizing cannabis is one of the best ways to quickly benefit from the herb’s medicinal effects. For breakthrough pain or nausea, nothing beats the speed of these consumption methods.

There are many familiar tools are used in the smoking process, such as lighters and rolling papers, as well as emerging experience enhancers like hemp wick. Obviously, these resources get used over time, and it can be quite frustrating to run out at a critical time. Dollar High Club has a solution to this perpetual problem.

Dollar High Club subscriptions start at only $1 per month.

Dollar High Club subscriptions start at only $1 per month.

The business was founded by University of Maryland graduate Harrison Baum. Baum previously founded onCampusRepairs and SellMyOldTech, which were successful iPhone repair and refurbishing businesses that allowed Baum to pay his own way through college. He won multiple competitions and grants from the Robert H. Smith School of Business to help grow his businesses. Being a serial entrepreneur, he eventually sold both companies to focus on his latest creation – Dollar High Club.

Dollar High Club is an innovative way to help people stay stocked while being able to try new products.

Dollar High Club offers three affordable packages:

All-Natural ($1/month + $2 S&H)

  • 1.25 Size Hemp Rolling Papers
  • All-Natural Filter Tips
  • 3.3′ Organic Bee Wick Hemp
  • Matchbook

Connoisseur ($12/month, ships free)

  • Try 7-9 new products every month
  • Designed for rolling and paper aficionados
  • El Primo ($30/month, ships free)

New glass piece every month

  • Try 10-15 new products every month
  • Incense burner in 1st pack, new incense scents every month

Ultimately, Dollar High Club is an easy way to resupply smoking tools with a little extra excitement. It is always fun to get unexpected things in the mail, and with this service, every month is like Christmas (or Hanukkah!)

Perhaps most importantly, you can help patients in need by signing up with the discount code AUNTZELDAS.

20% of profits from customers who use the code AUNTZELDAS will go directly to helping patients afford cannabis extract medicine from Aunt Zelda’s, a cannabis extract provider and treatment organization located in California.

Why pay for smoking supplies from stores anymore when you can get them conveniently shipped to your home while assisting patients? Sign up at

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Justin Kander is a cannabis extract activist who has attended and presented at numerous medical conferences throughout the world. His recent book Enhancing Your Endocannabinoid System details the best ways to improve the effectiveness of cannabis medicine.

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