Here’s Something Most People Don’t Know About Marijuana (Video)

There is a way in which legal pot could be a huge public health win… the biggest public health wins we’ve had in decades, saving huge numbers of lives.

Ezra Klein with Vox breaks down the legality of marijuana.

The tide is turning for cannabis as more national publications are having smart discussions about this medicine. A recent article featured on Vox highlighted the growing support for cannabis throughout the United States:

This year, several more states will vote on whether marijuana should be legal for recreational and medical purposes. Given that more Americans favor legalization than ever, these ballot initiatives have a real chance of passing. 

All of these proposals only affect state law. Federal law still prohibits marijuana, although the federal restrictions are currently under review.

The federal government against all the evidence thinks marijuana is an incredibly insanely dangerous substance with absolutely no redeeming value, under any circumstance….. What are they smokin’? -Ezra Kein

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