I Have COPD, COPD Does Not Have Me

I remember when I was first diagnosed with COPD. Back then, there were no commercials for COPD medications. I had never even heard the term Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It was a shock to say the least!

You see, I was considered pretty healthy up to that point. I was in good shape, except for the occasional bronchitis, which in hindsight was a red flag that was missed for quite awhile.

Almost 8 years ago, this journey into dealing with a progressive disease with no cure began. It was also the start of a long journey with physicians and the healthcare industry. First off, my doctor never really explained COPD to me. Most of my knowledge came from research online, books, and eventually social media outlets.

What is COPD

Normal Lungs and Lungs With COPD (Illustration: NIH.GOV)

My nightmare with conventional medicine began quite simply with me complaining to the doctor that I was getting short of breath. I asked for something to relieve this symptom. The answer was a small little inhaler called Proair, a rescue inhaler that little did I know would end up being in my pocket at all times. That medicine seemed to work well for awhile, until I noticed having to use it more and more.

Big Pharma

“The doctors’ answer was antidepressants.”

When I complained to the doc, his answer was more inhalers! This time it was Spiriva and Advair. Both are long acting bronchodilators so unfortunately unlike the handy little rescue inhaler these were to be taken regularly. Big pharma was starting to sink its teeth into me.

At this point the doctor was throwing all kinds of medications at me without addressing the issues causing the symptoms. For example, I was depressed… you would be too if you saw no future except getting worse and dying. The doctors’ answer was antidepressants like Prozac, and anxiety medications like Ativan.

As my disease progressed I started to gain a lot of weight, and at 5’6 I am not a large man. Each time I complained about breathing issues the answer was adding more medications to the mix. Over the next 8 years I just kept declining. It got so bad I could no longer work because of the disease. I filed for disability and relocated back to my home state, basically to die!

I was miserable, overweight at 190lbs, dragging an oxygen tube around and eating pharmaceutical medications all day long. At one point I was on 22 different meds!

February 27, 2013

The date that would change my life and lead me to become a medical marijuana patient. I woke up and noticed a little swelling and discomfort around my sinus region. I believed it was a sinus infection and brushed it off as nothing.

Over the next 24 hours my face started to swell more, so my wife took me to the closest emergency room. The doctors really didn’t do much of an examination. They just accepted my word that it was a sinus infection, gave me Benadryl, and sent me home.

The swelling got worse, so we went to a different emergency room. They gave me some antibiotics, treated me with COPD medications, and sent me home. When I woke up the third day, I looked like I had been in a 10 round boxing match and lost! My eyes were so swollen I was having trouble seeing, and I was very foggy in the brain.

I Was Rushed To The Hospital

My eyes were so swollen I was having trouble seeing.

My wife rushed me to a hospital an hour away. The doctors did a big work up and found I was having an allergic reaction to Lisinopril, a blood pressure medication I had been taking for years. I also had pneumonia. The doctors said if we had waited another 24 hours, I would have been dead! They had to put me into a medical induced coma, as well as attach a ventilator because my lungs were in such bad shape they could not do the job on their own at that point.

I would end up spending 28 days fighting for my life. When I did start to recover and learned exactly what had happened, the doctors advised me that I should stop taking many of my COPD medications because of the high risk of pneumonia. Frankly, they said if I got pneumonia like this again I probably wouldn’t make it! These doctors were young doctors fresh out of med school from overseas. They prescribed me vitamins and healthier options, which I liked.

When I finally got home I started researching alternative methods of treatment for COPD. I did a lot of research and joined COPD groups on Facebook, where I found one lady close to my age that said she cured her COPD with cannabis oil! I started researching this treatment method, but couldn’t find any information directly related to COPD. I did find it seemed to cure many diseases and ailments, so I decided I would try it. I knew through my research it couldn’t harm me, and I had nothing to lose.

Roland A. Duby

Roland A. Duby (August 2, 1966 – April 3, 2014)

I figured I would be able to find it even though it was illegal, but nobody I asked had heard of it. Then I found a man online named Ronnie Smith, aka Roland A Duby. He said he could send me a sample to try. I got it, and the first time I had a dose, it was relaxing and opened up my lungs like they hadn’t been in years. I knew I was on to something!

Ronnie continued to treat me up until his death. As I was treating myself and feeling better, the oil was actually giving me energy so I started doing more exercise. I was seeing positive results, so it was time to go all in! I changed my diet, increased my dose of cannabis oil and began walking 2-5 miles a day. Now in March of 2015, 2 years from the allergic reaction incident, I have lost 50lbs, I no longer take any pharmaceutical or over the counter medications, and I am in the best shape of my life!

I Have COPD...

Search Facebook for: “Treating COPD with Cannabis”

I now dedicate myself to reaching others that suffer from COPD with the message of hope and healing. I run a private COPD group on Facebook with almost 3000 members. I also have public information on my general COPD profile page.

People always ask me – how did I do it? It’s simple – cannabis oil, diet, positive, lifestyle changes and exercise! That’s all I really did to achieve my recovery, and I know many others can do the same.

Video News On 6 Reports : Checotah Man Credits Cannabis Oil For Improved Health
Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2014

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About the Author

Jeff Waters

Jeff Waters is a medical cannabis activist and has a first-hand knowledge of the healing properties of this natural medicine. Jeff has presented before legislators, media, and the public. Jeff is part of Oklahomans for Health. He's @jeffwaters1972 on twitter.

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  4. I have copd oxygen 24/7 still hard to walk, how can I get this cannabis oil , would love try this used thing on market vit. Hemp oil didn’t help I’m 60 year old I live alone with no help can you please help me 314-799-7379

  5. Thanks Jeff! I was diagnosed three years ago. I quit smoking pot and got worse and worse, having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to cough up a bucket of phlegm etc. Then I saw your first video, I hacked my way through a bowl of my best ganga and have been getting steadily better ever since. It has been over a year now back on the pot and I believe I’ll be running again soon. All the best to you.

  6. Hi Jeff my name is Susan Owen I also suffer with COPD stage 2 I feel lately I’m getting worse I’m very interested in your treatment plan I would like to know if you could get back to me and give me some insight on how to get started on this I’m very scared I’m only 60 have a lot to live for and I don’t want to lose my quality of life can you please help me thank you Susan Owen

  7. How can or where can I purchase the cannabis oil. I to have COPD and I’ve just gone through an episode. Very tired of feeling like a fish outta water. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  8. Hello Jeff,

    First thing, thank you so much for your time and dedication to helping others!

    I have a “technical” question that really can’t be asked of medical professional (I’m sure the answer would be: “DON’T USE POT”!), and Google hasn’t helped, so here goes.

    I’m 52 yrs old, was diagnosed with acute bronchitis/copd in 2002, but after the initial fight have done pretty well since. I quite smoking cigarettes immediately (I literally couldn’t breath for a couple weeks), and out of fear of ANYTHING smoke related, pretty much gave up my beloved weed for several years aside from the occasional “toke” or two (at the most), every so often… I’d say maybe a good buzz or two a month.

    Then, in early 2016 I discovered vaping! I bought a (used only once) Airizer Extreme Q desk-top from a friend and used it almost daily for about six months (set at 365 deg.), with ZERO ill effects. I’ve since cut back to a few times a week.

    Since the initial bronchitis episode (plus about a year and a half of “incomplete breaths”), I’ve moved on, am very active and resumed installing hardwood/laminate flooring for myself with no problems, as long as I wear a mask or respirator when required (when I got careless and didn’t use them, I was sure to have a bad day or two).

    I still like to hit the vape once in awhile but have cut back drastically because over the last few months I’ve noticed a slight “dizzy” sensation the next day or two after vaping, and occasionally have had (pretty strong) dizzy spells that lasted as long as a week or so after a couple vape sessions, then subsided……?

    I’m not under a doctors care (never even went to a pulmonologist other than the initial hospital visit for acute bronchitis), and don’t want to be, because quite frankly, I don’t fully trust them and I REFUSE to go on any Pharmaceuticals.

    I love the idea of whole bud vaping, but would an extract be a better medicating option (especially for the “dizzies”), or should I just power through the dizzy spells and let the plant work? Maybe eventually they’ll go away?

    Thanks again for giving us a place to talk. God bless, Greg.

  9. Hello and thank you jeff for listening. I am in your group on facebook but still afraid of saying the wrong thing. I am able to send my med list and proof that I have copd. I have been homeless so waited for address. I have lost everything and am dying and need help. I want to get oil but need it soon. I am stage 4 and 57 yrs old. I dont know how to get the oil fairly fast and dont know who to turn to to make it. Please any help or ideas would be very appreciated. God bless. Lisa

  10. Hi Jeff. I have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis COPD. I live in Pueblo, CO. and can’t find Sativa Jamaican oil here in any of the shops (an oil you recommended). I can find a high THC low CBD oil called Dragon Tears. Will this be effective in treating my COPD? I do have a medical cannabis card. Thanks for all you do, John R. Austin

  11. Please help can’t breath on oxygen 24/7 can get out of bed please help inhalers don’t work. How to get it I need help, I live in Missouri, please, left message before never heard a word, I want to live

  12. Hi. I also have COPD, and it’s taking its toll. Could you tell me exactly what “type” of cannabis oil you use? Evidently there are oils which are hemp, with basically zero (or close to it) of the ingredient that gets you high, if that makes sense. Is that the type you use- or is it a different one?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Jeff please contact me via email. I have a very dear friend suffering from COPD and he has been given months to live. If there is anyway I can save his life I want to do everything in my power to do so. His scenario is literally identical to yours and I am a firm believer in the healing properties of cannabis and particularly cannabis oil. I want my friend to live and i believe your knowledge may give me a chance to allow that to happen. I am desperate please respond ASAP.
    Ally ?

  14. I have COPD and I have just started using CBD. My problem is that the people I talk to can not give me a definitive answer as to the amount I should begin with so I have been going lightly to begin with. If you have the answer as to the amount I should begin with, I would greatly appreciate knowing. Thank you

  15. Hi Jeff thanks for your time,
    my name is Kathleen Dedmon and I have end stage COPD, I just recently spent 2weeks in a coma, and on a ventilator cause I has phnemonia with my COPD, they called my daughter in from Texas cause I wasn’t supposed to make it, I weigh 90 lbs now, can you please help me get some CBD oil ? I am 52 years old and I’m not ready to die. please get in touch with me.
    Thank you

  16. I have copd. It runs in my family. I have a 55yr.old brother that is in a nursing home because he cant even go to the bathroom because of copd. I have a cousin that 59 who does Jeff Waters treatment. She is off all meds and inhalers.I have tried Jeff Waters Cannibas oil. It does work well. I could not believe the difference in my breathing in the frist 30 mins. of my frist dose. Jeff Waters talks about his miracle and I believe him whole heartedly. the problem I have is I can’t get it. It makes me sick to my stomach that he tells how well he fells and to join his group but you cant join his group. Ive tried for over a years to join.There is never a returning e-mail call go to hell kiss my ass nothing, So Jeff Waters get off the internet telling everybody how good you feel and to join your group.Its not going to happen. You give false hope. I’ve tried many oils but none work like The Jeff Waters oils. I want to get this oils and I cant find it. So shut-up about how well good you feel. We get it. Tell how or even where to get it. I would drive across country to get it. Sick with copd.Help me Jeff Waters let me join your group

  17. I had COPD for 9 years. My first symptoms were dry cough, chest tightness and shortness of breath. My first chest x-ray only showed bronchitis. Finally I went to a pulmonologist and was diagnosed with COPD.i have used all the medication yet they don’t work, last year December I was told by a formal emphysema patient to use totalcureherbalfoundation@ gmail. com  herbal treatment which I really did,i was surprise the herbal products effectively get rid of my COPD totally. When you get where you cannot breathe it may be too late. Good luck to each and every one that will be trying their herbal treatment .

  18. I would also like to know how I can get my hands on your CBD OIL . Have COPD going on 3 years and 3 inhalers . Not much help I’m 70 and need help .

  19. I am looking for my roommate has COPD and I am trying to research for her to take something like that could you give me more information

  20. My mother has severe COPD emphysema and I would like her to follow your treatment with the THC. What kind of THC oil do you use and what percentage of THC is sufficient? How many times a day should you take it and how much? You don’t want to be stoned all day. How do you use the THC? Just the oil or also in other ways such as vaping or atomizing? I also see you on the picture with a nebulizer, that’s why the question. Could you briefly give me your treatment plan with the THC? So per day how much, how often and which THC oil or other products you have used for the best results. I would be very grateful to you. Thank you. Bianca

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