Joining Forces for Change!

Since its inception, #illegallyhealed has worked to raise awareness about the true potential of medicinal cannabis and the immense harms of prohibiting this lifesaving medicine.

In less than a year, we have reached millions of people with inspirational success stories and groundbreaking cannabis news.

The movement is growing every day, with new challenges and opportunities constantly emerging. To make the greatest impact in this new environment, we have partnered with the team at Medical Jane. is the #1 resource for medicinal cannabis news, and our resources are perfectly complimentary.

“By working together, we will bring even more high-quality content and services to patients, caregivers, and the public at large.” – Justin Kander Editor-in-Chief #illegallyhealed (& now Medical Jane!)

Our pledge to you: will continue to exist as an active resource as long as medicinal cannabis remains prohibited.

The world needs to internalize the profound wrongness of patients being turned into criminals for simply using the most effective medicine available. Our partnership with Medical Jane will ultimately raise more awareness than we ever could alone.

Thank you for your support,

The team @ #illegallyhealed