Discover The Michael Cutler Story (Video)

Discover the story of 63 year old liver cancer patient, Michael Cutler. His fascinating insight into how cannabis has helped him can be watched above.

Michael was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and credits his recovery to cannabis oil. Originally diagnosed in 2009, the disease was stopped with a liver transplant. Unfortunately it returned in late 2012. With traditional therapy apparently not an option, Michael searched the Internet and found cannabis oil to be a viable treatment.

For sick people to be condemned as criminals for using a drug that has been used for thousands of years and has proved it’s healing power, is not just wrong, it’s in breach of our human rights. Says Cutler.

This speech was delivered to a full auditorium at the launch of the United Patients Alliance. Medical cannabis patients with varying health conditions founded the UPA in response to the prohibition of cannabis in the UK.

The short clip is for the feature documentary GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution, due for release in 2015 produced by Elixir Media Production.

Please share this video with every person you know.  It’s stories like this that will change hearts and minds and bring the power of cannabis to millions of suffering patients.

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