Nancy Grace Getting PWNED Is Probably The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

After sparring with 2 Chainz over the legalization of recreational marijuana, HLN host Nancy Grace faced off with not only her colleague Dr. Drew Pinsky, but former Chairman of the NORML Board of Directors, Norm Kent,  as she blamed cannabis for the shooting death of a Colorado woman last April.

I’m not talking about medical marijuana. So don’t start up with that…

Grace seems hellbent on blaming cannabis for all the crimes and travesties of the world. She always seems to have video from YouTube or an “exclusive” report or police finding… and this is what Kent took issue to.

“I’m not going to let the isolated stories you drag off the Internet impact and affect the millions and millions of Americans who use marijuana responsibly and do not impair or impact society negatively,” Norm Kent told Grace. “You’re the one who’s sending out the bad message.”

Nancy tries her typical demeaning rebuttal techniques but quickly realizes it would be best to bring on what she must expect to be her big gun… enter Dr. Drew… He’s a colleague, he’s definitely #teamgrace right?

Wrong. This is where all hell breaks loose.

To Grace’s apparent surprise, Dr. Drew said he was siding with Kent, since authorities recovered not only a partially-eaten marijuana candy and an unsmoked marijuana cigarette from the scene, but an empty bottle of hydrocodone.

Dr. Drew argued (successfully) that this opened up the possibility that the suspect was going through withdrawal from hydrocodone when he purchased the marijuana.

Dr. Drew may not be to far off. Studies suggest that physicians who treat neuropathic pain should prescribe cannabis prior to using opioids as a harm reduction strategy.

Nancy Grace literally scoffed at Dr. Drew before telling him, “You’re in our house now, alright?”

“It means you don’t get to talk,” Kent interjected.

Well, you get to talk here on #illegallyhealed… Let us know in the comments below what you think of the latest in the Nancy Grace “Reefer Madness” saga.

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