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Should doctors who specialize in treating serious illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s be allowed to recommend cannabis, sometimes referred to as marijuana, as a treatment for their patients with serious medical conditions, or not?
Yes = 99.65%
No = 0.35 %

People with serious illnesses should be punished under Federal law for using cannabis to treat their condition.
Strongly Agree = 2.16%
Somewhat Agree = 0.25%
Somewhat Disagree = 0.35%
Strongly Disagree = 97.25%

Cannabis is more dangerous than drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.
Strongly Agree = 1.55%
Somewhat Agree = 0.15%
Somewhat Disagree = 0.42%
Strongly Disagree = 97.87%


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*Not a scientific poll; for entertainment only.

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  1. I lay here in pain, waiting for this thunderstorm to pass, no THC and CBD won’t be here next week. I have bottle of pain pills calling my name, but I would rather suffer then to play that game…again. But there is hope, Missouri will get to vote. Remember remember to vote this November. So in December I can live pain free.

  2. 2-auto accident left me in unbearable chronic pain won’t get into details .Cannibus has increased my quality of life has tremendously I cultivate and make my own cannibus medicine..God bless the flowers

  3. I smoked my first one at 25 years old with my Mother, I know it has blessed me many times for 46 years, for my panic attacks, nerves, pain, sleep , and eat, these days I am at 96 lbs. So yes I really need it for my appetite, the pills I have to take from the doctor keeps me sick.. Legalize it and be done with it God blessed us with this life and he blessed us with the plant it is in our holy Bible

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