RUN FROM THE CURE 2 – RUN 2 THE CURE: The Cure for Cancer Documentary TRAILER

Presenting Christian Laurette’s RUN 2 THE CURE – The Cure for Cancer Documentary PREVIEW TRAILER #1 of the long-awaited sequel to the independent documentary RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story (February 2008) which led to an international people’s recognition of how cannabis oil kills cancers and other so-called “incurable” diseases, while exposing the cancer/pharmaceutical industry’s dark reputation for holding back natural medicines that work, in favor of continuing the status quo for maximum profit at the cost of human lives. Governments are not acting responsibly with our lives and it is “high” time we took our health back, with no more tolerance for prohibition. We don’t have time to wait for studies. People are dying. Governments don’t have children, mothers, fathers, etc… people do.

Sadly, despite leaps forward in advancing this information within the cannabis movement since the initial release of RUN FROM THE CURE the world population is still largely ignorant to the facts surrounding cannabis medicines. Propaganda about “the Devil’s harvest” has been circulating in the minds of individuals for decades, breeding ignorance of the most medicinal plant in the world. Our goal is to “unwash” many more brainwashed minds through this updated, inspirational, and educational film about the people who have taken health matters into their own hands to overcome the odds stacked against them much to their own physician’s astonishment.

There are far too many cancer patients out there who need to know they are smoking the very one thing that could cure them of their disease, and so many who we have lost through the damage of chemotherapy and radiation. Many of the people who we need to reach are the parents of young children who can be helped by cannabis medicine! The madness has to stop.

Popularized on YouTube and scattered across the web through a selfless and ingenious “free to watch, free to share, free to copy and give away” policy which viewers and fans of RUN 2 THE CURE will also benefit from, the film spread quickly across the Internet and attracted the attention of literally hundreds of thousands of individuals within months of being posted online. In no time magazine publications such as WEED WORLD, and HIGH TIMES featured Rick Simpson and his “cannabis cure all” and soon got the attention of hundreds of cannabis activists worldwide… launching the documentary, the controversy of “Does cannabis kill cancers?”, and Rick Simpson himself into the limelight and into Internet history forever.
Almost entirely “crowd funded” by people just like you RUN 2 THE CURE takes a journey once again with Christian through the USA and Canada to meet a small fraction of the individuals whose lives were altered through learning one man’s vision to change how the world views medicine and disease… and through the independent documentary film producer whose quick thinking and limited resources just may have kept Rick Simpson out of a Canadian federal prison and has helped millions of people learn all about the true story of the man from a small village in Nova Scotia, Canada who cured cancers with cannabis oil.

Please help us to raise awareness of this film project, and let everyone know this film is free to watch, free to share, and free to copy and give away!

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