(VIDEO) The NYC Medical Marijuana Problem in 90 Seconds

New York is set to become the 23rd state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday. But, as the Hufington Post points out, “there’s a catch.”

There are actually many “catches” to this bill, but the Huffington Post focused on one of the main issues about this bill…. YOU CAN’T SMOKE IT!

Which is ironic because the US GOVERNMENT’S own studies have shown…

Cannabis smoking, even of a crude, low-grade product, provides effective symptomatic relief of pain, muscle spasms and intraocular pressure…

While the New York bill does allow for vaporizing patients are saying that is not a viable option for everyone, and as Karen O’Keefe, from the MPP points out:

Prohibiting medical cannabis smoking would only make medical marijuana patients’ lives more difficult,

Of course the interwebs are steaming about the way this bill is being handled. Here is what Dave Evans wrote while replying to a NORML blog post

This is the worst ‘medical marijuana’ idea ever. It is like Cuomo is taking a big ol’ shit right on medical marijuana bill for NY and saying he signed it.

So, there you have it folks, New York will be the 23rd state to legalize some form of marijuana… Congratulations for a step in the right direction.  We know that even this bill will help thousands and thousands of New Yorkers in pain and suffering…. for that, we comend you.

For links to our sources and to educate yourself further on New York’s new Medical Marijuana Bill please click the links in the description below. Here’s lookin’ at you New York….

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