Cannabis Is Medicine. Here’s The Proof.

To the average person, the claim that cannabis extracts can treat cancer in humans, including put terminal cancers in remission, seems absurd. There are no formal clinical trials proving this is possible, and most of the scientific literature only deals with cell and animal studies.

Due to the absence of human clinical trials, the only way to understand the truth is by analyzing independent pieces of evidence and connecting the dots. When this is done, the truth of these seemingly enormous claims becomes surprisingly clear.

The Cannabis Extract Report was created to integrate the scientific and anecdotal evidence surrounding cannabis extract medicine. Previously, there was no single resource which contained all the material in one place. Studies, videos, news articles, forum and blog posts, social media content, and other pieces of evidence are scattered across the Internet. If a reader happens upon one such piece of evidence, it is easy to dismiss as exaggeration. But when seen together, the enormity is truly overwhelming.

The report examines experiences from individuals, doctors, corporations, dispensaries, and caregiving teams, establishing a clear trend of the efficacy of cannabis while also demonstrating the need for immediate research. If it were only regular people making these extraordinary claims without scientific support, skepticism would be far more justified. But given claims are coming from authoritative sources as well, this enhances the credibility of other testimonials.

People have been claiming cannabis fights cancer and other diseases for years, especially since the release of Rick Simpson’s documentary Run From the Cure. If these statements were not true, they would have been disproved by the community at large long ago. Instead, growing scientific and anecdotal data continuously supports the claims.

As more people claim success, more studies are released showing how phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids could theoretically achieve amazing therapeutic results. There is no way to summarize the extent of what’s going on, and that is why one must take the time to read to truly understand the legitimacy of cannabis extract therapy.

The main purpose of the report is not to prove outright the efficacy of cannabis. As the abstract states, “The ultimate goal of this report is simple – to initiate immediate trials of cannabis extract medicine in hospice centers.” When the material is examined, there is absolutely no excuse not to begin providing terminal cancer patients (and those suffering from other terminal diseases) with cannabis extracts which have the very real chance of saving their lives or at the least greatly alleviating their pain.

Anybody who disagrees has not studied the evidence or has a serious fault in their critical thinking skills. Once the effectiveness of cannabis extracts is proven in terminal situations, it will open the floodgates to massive research of cannabis extracts for everything else.

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Justin Kander

Justin Kander is a cannabis extract activist who has attended and presented at numerous medical conferences throughout the world. His recent book Enhancing Your Endocannabinoid System details the best ways to improve the effectiveness of cannabis medicine.

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