This is How Technology is Changing the World of Cannabis

Technology is a constantly evolving beast. Lately, products have begun looking a lot more like those out of The Jetsons than the usual gadgets and gizmos we see at the annual exposés and car shows. So, of course, technology surrounding the birth of the burgeoning legal cannabis industry is exploding on both the industrial and personal levels.

“One thing is for sure, they are not sitting in basements trying to launch kittens into space. Patients are leading the charge in all aspects of the legal cannabis lifecycle.” -Corey Hunt, co-founder #illegallyhealed

Going Green and Breaking Stereotypes

On an industrial or business scale, cannabis production has come leaps and bounds from its simple agrarian “roots”. The farm has long been replaced with warehouses and greenhouses, the sun with the latest bulbs. New technologies like bubbleponics have opened the door to sustainable farming, a trend the entire industry is embracing. From self-contained ecosystems to compact, vertical gardens, production techniques have progressed from a strict focus on product quality (and discreetness) to efficiency. Our little baby is growing up. Green is definitely going green.

Newsweek: Legal Marijuana Could Be The First Billion-Dollar Industry Not Dominated By Men

Newsweek: Legal Marijuana Could Be The First Billion-Dollar Industry Not Dominated By Men

Sustainable development isn’t the only modern idea the cannabis industry is embracing. The labor market is going through some long-overdue changes. The cannabusiness world is already looking like a leader among industries for women, with a higher percentage of women in CEO positions than any other billion-dollar industry. There is still much work to be done to include more people of color and the formerly incarcerated in the industry, but for now this is at least one step in the direction of progress.

Progress is Good

Progress on the industrial scale is being matched by advancements in personal consumer technology. In fact, the lines between the two are becoming less distinct with the development of better and more efficient personal household gardening systems, which can quickly turn any consumer into a producer.

Because of its discreet nature, vaporizing has become a popular ingestion method.

Because of its discreet nature, vaporizing has become a popular ingestion method.

For consumers, all types of personal handheld vaporizers are gaining in acceptance, challenging papers and pipes for supremacy. That’s not to say traditional methods of consuming cannabis by smoking are by any means finished. (One presidential candidate even has a line of campaign pipes dedicated to his cause.) But arguably healthier, more efficient options like vaporizers and edibles are gaining momentum fast.

Eat to treat

In the realm of edibles, technology today puts our past efforts to shame. Brownies are not exactly news, but cannabis butters, oils, chocolates, coffee, and beer, for example, are just the beginning of a whole new era of medible magic. And it’s not only master chefs who can pump out culinary masterpieces when it comes to cannabis edibles, either.


We recently put the MagicalButter Machine to the test. Click here to see the results.

The MagicalButter countertop infuser is a digital appliance that makes it easy to produce herbal butters and oils, even for everyday schmoes like this author. With this invention anyone can produce their own herbal butters, oils, and tinctures reliably and with minimal effort or mess. You put your ingredients inside and press a button. Digital sensors and microprocessors execute a programmed cooking cycle while you relax or do something fun. This is what technology should be like.

And this is just one machine. Now that the push of a button has replaced hours standing over a hot stove and days airing out your kitchen, it isn’t hard to imagine robot chefs and one-touch Thanksgiving feasts being right around the corner!

Though we aren’t quite at the level of The Jetsons or Star Trek just yet, new technology is bringing a dazzling future nearer at warp speed—and new technology surrounding budding industries like legal cannabis promises to lead the way. is a proud sponser of the #illegallyhealed community. For tons of fantastic recipes, super quick how-to videos, and info about the incredible Botanical Extractor, check out

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