Baby Jaqie Warrior with 150 epileptic seizures a day, arrives in Denver, CO. to seek relief with Cannabis Extract Therapy

The Warrior Family of 6 has left their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma to seek relief for their 19 month old child who suffers from hundreds of epileptic seizures a week. The family will be available for a press questions and answers today at 4:20PM in Denver, CO.

Denver, CO – April 12, 2014 – For Immediate Release

Brittany Warrior, the mother of Jaqie Angel Warrior, has tried every treatment recommended by her doctors to help her baby find relief from up to 150 deadly epileptic seizures a day. When she found out about the success of so many children using Cannabis Extract Therapy, she decided to give up everything they had to pack up their family of six and move to Denver, CO.

Their hope is to find relief for their child, and to remove the constant threat of death that epileptic seizures brings with it, by seeking out those with proven experience with Cannabis Extract Therapy.

Brittany Warrior has expressed her dismay at the inability of prescription drugs to help her child. Likewise, the side effects of the drugs have caused near blindness, development issues and irreparable harm to Jaqie Angel Warrior. Unfortunately, not only is Oklahoma not one of the 20 states with medical marijuana laws, but it is not one of the 13 with pending legislation. In order to find an immediate solution and seek out a way to save their child, the entire Warrior family with their 4 girls are moving to Colorado.

Members of the Phoenix Tears Foundation ( ) support team are looking forward to the Warrior family arrival so that Jaqie can begin her intensive naturopathic therapy to help minimize her seizures and improve overall quality of life.

To meet Brittany and Jaqie Warrior, please visit them on April 12th, at 4:20pm at:

La Quinta Inn & Suites Denver Englewood Tech Ctr
9009 E Arapahoe Rd
Greenwood Village, CO 80112

The Warrior Family are the inspiration behind the new family-friendly Warrior Zone at the upcoming 420 Rally on April 20th, 2014. More information is available at:

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The Jaqie Angel Warrior family is being sponsored by a countless number of friends, family, groups and strangers who have heard about their plight online and through major news media. Likewise, this family is being sponsored in part by Advocate Media Group, a company that is dedicated to spreading the message about the individuals and families who strive to be illegally healed. The website at and facebook and twitter profiles work to spread the news on how people are seeking out relief with medical cannabis and the pressures put on them by local, state and federal laws that essentially make it illegal to be healed.

Note: Due to the complex issues surrounding the legality of cannabis under federal law, the family asks that photos only be taken with notification in a public setting

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