Watch What Happens When We Ask Doctors, Does Cannabis Fight Cancer?

The first Central American medical cannabis conference, CannaCosta 2015, took place on June 6-7 at the Ministry of Culture in San Jose. The event brought together experts from Costa Rica and across the world to discuss the benefits of medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Doctors, scientists, politicians, caregivers, and activists provided valuable insights on how Costa Rica can most effectively use cannabis to improve the health of its people and the strength of its economy.

“While most people are familiar with the benefits of using cannabis to alleviate the pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy, not as many know about the anticancer effects of cannabinoids. This is why we wanted to talk with real doctors and researchers to find out what they were seeing in practice.” -Corey Hunt, Co-Founder #illegallyhealed

A panel, hosted by Corey Hunt and Justin Kander of #illegallyhealed, with Mara Gordon, Dr. Cristina Sánchez, and two Costa Rican physicians, including Dr. Denis Landaverde (Head of the Medical Oncology Service at México Hospital, a public Costa Rican health facility) and oncologist Dr. Andrea Cartin, convened to answer questions about the use of cannabis extracts for cancer.

Overall, it was agreed that whole-plant cannabis extracts, rather than isolated cannabinoids, are needed to achieve success against cancer, and that customized dosing protocols for individual patients achieve the best results. Dr. Landaverde also mentioned a patient of his who was unable to control their cancer with conventional treatment, but achieved success by using cannabis. While more research is desperately needed in this field, it is clear that cannabis extracts are working for many people.

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