Weedstock 2014 – Conference Recap (Video)

The first annual Weedstock Conference was held June 29- July 1, 2014 in Denver, Colorado.  We had an #illegallyhealed film crew on site, to show just how the cannabis industry is shaping up.  We got to sit down with cannabis businesses and investors like Elizabeth Pierce who says,

I’ve learned about the dispensaries, growers,  suppliers, laboratories… just a tremendous amount of information in a very short time and it will help me filter the many public companies down to those that are worthy of an investors attention.

The event, hosted by Marketfy was the first of it’s kind to bring together investors and responsible companies who are making waves in this new industry.  Kyle Bazzy, President of Marketfy says,

Weedstock is important because we bring all these companies together.  It’s a great time to network for the companies, but it’s also a great time for the attendees to come and get a look into what’s going on there, because that’s always what’s going to be next.

The two day event held at the Westin Downtown Denver (b footage of exterior of hotel) also hosted some of the industry’s TOP brands.  The entire mood of the event was professional from the registration to the amazing volunteers. It was also very exciting to see all of the “pick & shovel companies” who are 100% legal both at the state AND federal level.
The buzz was great, and right now the industry is smoking hot.  Our hats go off to Marketfy for such a wonderful event….. We can’t wait to see what becomes from the connections birthed at Weedstock 2014.
Sponsors for Weedstock 2014 included:
Click here for a list of Weedstock 2014 presenters.

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