Here’s Who’s Trying To Derail Medical Cannabis in Arkansas

If you have not heard by now, Arkansas has passed medical marijuana. It’s a done deal. The Arkansas Department of Finance is making all of the regulations right now. The Arkansas Department of Health will oversee the patient program.

It is the constitutional right of Arkansans to have safe and legal access to medical cannabis.

Not everyone is happy. Jerry, he’s really not happy.


Jerry Cox, president of the Family Council, has laid out a pipe dream of a plan to derail the will of Arkansans. You can read it in full here, but I want to cover each point so we can stop all this nonsense.

Here are the seven things that Jerry is considering, our response is in bold.

1. Reducing the number of medical conditions in Issue 6 to make it harder to smoke marijuana recreationally.

Really, Jerry, let’s hold a press conference and I would like you to tell me just WHICH patients do not deserve compassionate care. Which group of patients gets their constitutional rights taken away? Which doctor-patient relationship are you wanting to stop? Are you ready to provide better care for that patient that their physician?

2. Protecting children from marijuana candy, desserts, soft drinks, and other enticing items.

Great, we’re with you. If you want gummy bears, just eat some gummy bears. There are better ways of administration. We know a 16-year-old that could teach you the safety protocols that he takes every day as a medical cannabis patient.

3. Prohibiting drugged driving.

Sounds great. Let’s put something in place. What did you have in mind? You know we have Uber and taxi services across the state now. While you are at it, can we do something about drinking and driving as well?

4. Banning marijuana advertisements.

Fine. You can have this one. Don’t worry, care centers won’t need to advertise. I think that the 581,259 people that voted for Issue 6 and their families will know where to find medicine.

5. Regulating marijuana stores.

That’s what the medical cannabis industry has wanted this entire time. Regulations create legitimacy. But there is a smart approach to marijuana as your friend Kevin Sabet says; although his is not the way. 

6. Helping cities and counties pass legislation to ban marijuana stores and farms.

Great. We don’t want to be where we are not wanted. That’s not the Arkansas way. But, it’s not what we are seeing from city to county. At least not who we’ve talked to, or the way the vote looked. Have at it with this one Jerry. Your fearmongering days are done.

Should we do presentations together? Let’s take this on the road… What do you say?

I’ve helped produce revivals with the late Billy Joe Daugherty, Joyce Meyer, and Jesse Duplantis just to name a few… maybe we can have some of my faith leaders come tag along. Maybe I could have my friend Anthony Robbins, Ricki Lake, or recent cannabis entrepreneur Whoopi Goldberg come inspire and educate people on how to live a healthy life with medical cannabis… Don’t make me call Tony, don’t make me text Whoopi.

7. Limiting the number of marijuana farms and marijuana stores in Arkansas.

The amendment already does this.

So, I will send this article to Jerry. I already sent him an email in the past. He still has yet to respond.

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