10 Things You Never Thought to Make with Cannabis

Cannabis is similar to many other herbs, as it can be used to enhance the quality of a variety of foods. For medical cannabis patients, incorporating cannabis into food is an easy way to maintain a steady intake of medicine, which is often critical for those with chronic conditions.

While there are many stereotypical cannabis-based foods, not everyone realizes how much cannabis can be used in.

Chef Joey Galeano

Chef Joey Galeano

You may have seen our real world test of the Magical Butter Machine where we made a delicious baked banana bread. After meeting the team at MagicalButter and their resident chef Joey Galeano, we discovered there’s a lot more to infuse with cannabis than just brownies.

The MagicalButter Machine is a great way to infuse everyday foods with cannabis and other healing herbs. Get ready to Eat to Treat at the touch of a button!

10. You’re Roasted Chicken

“This roasted chicken was the best I’ve ever tasted.” —Steve S., Markham, Ontario

You’re Roasted Chicken was not named by accident—careful crossing the road!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

9. Holy Moly Mango Lime Aioli

“I tried this on a pork chop last night and thought I’d died and gone to hog heaven!” —Maria C., Los Angeles

Holy Moly Mango Lime Aioli from MagicalButter CaféMB is a delicious, tangy topper for your favorite savory dishes. Make some zesty magic for your mouth today!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

8. Alan Shepard’s Pie

“When it comes to comfort food, this Shepherd’s Pie is now definitely up there with my all time favorites. Can’t wait to make it again with more potency. Five stars!” —Ed V., St. Louis

For down-home, rib-stickin’ good country cookin’, nothin’ beats a hearty Alan Shepherd’s Pie. The flavors and intensity are out of this world!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

7. Kushie Tomato Soup & Gooey Grilled Cheese Croutons

“The best tomato soup I’ve had.The boursin cheese on the croutons is to die for, and they go better together than peanut butter and jelly!” —Sal R., Brooklyn

Pink Himalayan salt, MagicalButter Coconut Oil, heavy cream, and saffron threads make Kushie Tomato Soup far and away the richest you’ve ever had the pleasure to savor.

Get the recipe & instructions here.

6. Edible Healing Salve

“The salve definitely worked even better than it tastes! No smelly chemicals too.” —Jimmy J., Montreal

CaféMB Edible Healing Salve: an amazing concoction for your skin, homemade in your MB machine! Edible flowers infused in coconut oil and aloe vera!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

5. Magical Gummies

“What a fun, easy way to enjoy our favorite herb! Totally transportable and discreet, too…perfect!” —Jacqueline R., Keystone, Florida

Gelatin treats so chewy and tart and delicious, you’ll barely be able to bear it!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

4. MagicalButter Oil of Cannabis

“My wife’s medical conditions give her a lot of pain, and this concentrate controls it…she stopped taking her opiate pills she was on for years. Thank you!” —Phil P., Virginia Beach

Being a distilled tincture, MBO (full extract cannabis oil) is the most highly concentrated and potent cannabis product you can make. Start low, and go slow!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

3. MagicalButter Tincture

“I love precision I get with dropper and tincture, it give total control over dosings, so I get predictable result every times.” —Ivan K., Cleveland

Alcohol tincture is the absolute best way to get the maximum cannabinoid extraction from your fresh herb sample!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

2. MagicalButter Cooking Oil

“I love to use coconut oil, then refrigerate in an ice cube tray. So easy to pop out a couple later for a quick stir fry or whatever! Thanks, Magical Butter! —Chris P., Concord, New Hampshire

Infusing herbs into your favorite oil allows you to play with various flavors and intensities to make any recipe bolder!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

1. Magical Butter

“This thing was easier to use than a toaster. I still burn my toast but this butter comes out perfect both times I’ve used it. Plus no mess, no smell, so simple for me to do.” —Juanita C., Albuquerque

Make the recipe that started a revolution—rich herbal butter with an indescribably scrumptious, compelling  flavor and beautiful, deep green color to grace your table—and blow away your friends!

Get the recipe & instructions here.

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