The Right Side of History – A Video Series

Which Side Will You Stand On?

In what has been hailed as a viral awakening, this series shares the the experiences of Utahns who have used medical cannabis. Currently, federal law states that cannabis is not medicine and patients should be put in prison for a natural substance, recommended by their doctor. These are their stories.


Episode 1 - Treating Cancer During Pregnancy Naturally

Tenille Farr, was diagnosed with stage-2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when she was pregnant with her fifth child, Gabe. Instead of going through chemotherapy and risking losing her baby, this Mormon mother left her family to naturally treat her cancer in Colorado and California where medical cannabis is legal.

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Episode 2 - Finding Relief, By Any Means Necessary

This Utah mother was terrified of cannabis, until it treated her blinding pain and fibromyalgia. Now, Christine Stenquist is an advocate who says medical cannabis is a human rights issue. By coming out of the cannabis closet, she has led the charge for medical cannabis legislation in the state.

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Episode 3 - Utah Cancer Patient Says Cannabis is a Human Right

Forrest Shaw is dying of prostate cancer. He has been advocating for safe access to medical cannabis in Utah, where he could go to jail trying to save his own life. He is undergoing brutal hormone therapy and has had his prostate removed. Forrest believes safe access to medical cannabis is a human right, not a political issue.

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Episode 4 - Utah State Senator Mark Madsen Says Legalize Cannabis: Because it Works!

Utah State Senator Mark Madsen (R-Saratoga Springs) talks openly about the day he almost died of a prescription opiate overdose, using cannabis for his chronic back pain in Colorado and why he is leading the charge in one of the nation's most conservative religious states. Madsen believes in individual liberty and wants to free patients from misguided government drug policy.

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Episode 5 - The Sierra & Landon Riddle Story: Utah, We Want to Go Home

At just 2-years-old Landon Riddle was dying from aggressive leukemia and chemotherapy. His family was forced to leave their home in St. George, Utah for Colorado to treat Landon with cannabis oil. Today, Landon is cancer free and he wants to go home.

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Episode 6 - It's Time to Change The Conservative Cannabis Conversation

Angela Harris was diagnosed with lymphoma while pregnant with her sixth child and was given just months to live. Using natural remedies she has outlived her prognosis by 23 years. Today she advocates for cannabis and natural medicine in conservative communities.

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About Drug Policy Project of Utah

Drug Policy Project of Utah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to reform state drug policies, promoting sensible changes to the law that facilitate legal access to medical cannabis products that can improve and even save lives.

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